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  How To Turn A Written Report Into A First-Class Presentation
Congratulations! Your team has just completed its crowning achievement: a book-length report on just about every phase of your unit's operations. And you've been tapped to deliver the report to a blue-chip audience of senior managers. As the panic builds, you ask, "Why me? And how on earth can I possibly take so many pages of mind-numbing data and somehow transform it all into a clear, compelling, oral presentation?" It can be done—and here, we show you how.

What Is It About Storytelling That Helps Bring A Presentation Alive?
Stories work and stories have value because they help us understand. Through stories, facts and raw data gain meaning. Stories are how we best learn and visualize information. They simplify and clarify even the most complex information. They can hook an audience with emotion. What's more, stories help people remember what they've heard.

Ask the Experts.
Our experts answer your questions on how to improve your presentation skills and apply them to real-life situations. This time, we answer a question one of our readers sent in, on How To Break The Ice With Your Audience, Before Beginning Your Presentation?

The Line Cellar ®
Quotable quotes for whatever purpose.

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