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Strong, Direct Eye Focus
How It Connects You to Your Audience, Inspires Trust, and Helps Keep You In Control
Proper eye focus works wonders, whether you're presenting to a small or a large audience. It puts you and your audience at ease, and it helps in other ways too. Here are some tips on using this essential technique.

You Talkin' to Me?
Know Your Audience… And What It Takes to Persuade, Inspire and Motivate Them
You can't succeed at presenting if you're not talking to your audience - to their needs and interests. Audience analysis is step one on the way to a successful presentation. But where do you begin?

10 Of The Most Common Mistakes Presenters Make
Our Top 10 list. And it's only a partial list, at that.

Transitions: Connecting The Parts Of Your Presentation
Why Transitions Are Important… And How To Use Them
You may have created a presentation with the perfect beginning, middle and end. But you still need to connect the parts. Here's how to bridge smoothly from one idea to the next.

The Line Cellar ®
Quotable quotes for whatever purpose.

Tell Us... We're Listening
What other tips would most help you in preparing and delivering effective, successful presentations? What bothers you most about presentations you've heard?
What impressed you most about the presentations you really liked? Tell Us. We'll be happy to address your answers in future issues of The Total Communicator.

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