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Presentation Styles, Types & Approaches

Questions Anyone?
It ain't over till it's over, goes the saying. And it ain't over till you've successfully handled whatever questions may come up during or after your presentation.

Time For Your VideoConference Close-up What Now?
What does it take to conduct a successful videoconference? Should you talk to the camera or to your audience? What's the difference?

When It's Time To Present As A Team
How do team presentations differ from solo performances? How do you make sure everything flows smoothly?

Be a Storyteller
Storytelling is a technique that enables your listeners to better hear, understand, and remember what you say. To pull it off, you don't need a degree in drama. All you need is know-how.

Making the "Un-Presentation"
Beware: That "Meeting" or "Informal Chat" Could Be a Presentation in Disguise
It happens every day. The unsuspecting mark gets a request to "talk" at a meeting. It sounds informal, but it isn't. Every word, every gesture, every answer to every question will be under "formal" scrutiny. To dodge this hoax, learn the warning signs-and be ready with a few tricks of your own. Here are some of the ways you may be led down this path-and some tips on turning things to your advantage.

Speech or Presentation? Knowing the Difference
Knowing when to make a speech and when to make a presentation may be more important than you think.

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