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Why Use Handouts?
They allow you to provide more detailed information than you would put on a slide. They give your audience something to take away from your presentation, to review later. They are one more way for your listeners to be reminded of you and your key messages.

Make Numbers Work for You.
Speakers can use numbers and to support key points. But too often, speakers use their data in place of key points, piling on number after number and, in the end, driving their audience to despair. Here are a few tips on how to use numbers to good effect.

The Line Cellar ®
Quotable quotes for whatever purpose.

Tell Us...We're Listening
What other tips would most help you in preparing and delivering persuasive, powerful presentations? What would you like to know that will help you become a more effective, successful communicator? Tell Us. We'll be happy to address your concerns in future issues of The Total Communicator. We answer all inquiries from our readers.

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